Malgorzata Maria (Gosia) Olchowska

born in Bartoszyce

lives and works in Belgium (Antwerp/Gent).

She obtained Master of Architecture diploma from TU Delft (NL) in 2007 and since then she was working as an architect at De Vylder Vinck Tailieu, Murmuur and Bovenbouw architectuur.

At this moment she is teaching at Gent University, Sint Lucas Gent and at Riga University Of Business, Arts and Technology.

Since 2009 she is following printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gent.


As an architect, I am mostly focused on drawings, models, collages. As a print maker, I am mostly focused on architecture: buildings, constructions, cities, scale, landscapes, development and growth. These two disciplines are continually crossing in my life. The starting point for my drawings are stories I come across when visiting places. My drawings are intended to describe them.



Cambodia 2015: international architecture and design competition- exhibition of the selected projects.   London , January – February  2016

input output 2015, Brugge , October – November 2015

‘A journey after all…’ solo tentoonstelling, Rode 7, Antwerpen  April- August 2015

Ondergronds: Groepstentoonstelling in Kunstplatform Zebrastraat Gent, April 2015

Kunstwedstrijd grafiek in CC Zwaneberg (Heist-op-den-berg) November – December 2014

Print A-Hoi, Gent , Juli 2012

Canvascollectie 2012 , Bozar, Brussels, Mai 2012

Boothuis Brauhaus, sailing exposition that started in Turnhout- Gent, June – July 2012

input output 2011, Brugge , September 2011

Dexia Art 2011 /, Brussels, May 2011

Arnoevoo, Bredene / December 2010

Noord Publiek – proposals for an undivided city /Amsterdam, September 2010.

Arnoevoo, Bredene , December 2009

input output 2009, Brugge , Oktober 2009





2nd place: Jonge Architecten Prijs 2016, The Netherlands (together with York Bing);

   nomination: Belgenmonument Amesfroort, The Netherlands (together with York Bing);

Laureat  :Dexia Art 2011 / Brussels, May 2011

Laureat : Arnoevoo  Bredene, December 2010



2009-present , Vrije grafiek , De Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, Gent

2005-2007 Internationale Masters of Architecture, TU Delft, NL

2004- 2005 Masters Architecture and Urban Design/ Erasmus program, TU Lincoln, UK

2001- 2004 Architecture and Urban Design TU Wroclaw, Polen