MXVIXM / room for G.B.Piranesi

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i.s.m. Bing Oh

An entry for the Jonge Architecten Prijs 2016.

Giovanni Battista Piranesi,  a master scenographer who created perfect views within frames, and who created architecture spaces from perspectives. The etchings/illustrations of Piranesi is where his architectural imagination, skills and knowledge takes form (…)

The room is thought of as a scene, constructed from perspective.  The interior seems to be connected to other rooms but it is actually just a constructed scene. And in the room, ancient artifacts becomes part of the whole scenegraphic construction of a room of a collector and documenter.  It is like a stage set supported by structures beyond the ‘frame’ of view, which elevate it above the ground. In this case the ‘actor’ is the observer, elevated to a level where he will be able to survey his field of explorations.